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Conservation Means
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Water, the elixir of life, is constantly under threat, resulting in shortages that jeopardise humanity’s survival. Water conservation must be taught to children.


Modern lifestyles produce massive amounts of waste, both degradable and biodegradable. Waste is a valuable resource that should not be squandered. Children should be taught how to manage garbage and reduce its output.


India has important floral, botanical, and faunal resources, as well as other ecological resources. This diverse ecosystem must be preserved. For a healthy and happy existence, children must learn to conserve and protect biological diversity.


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Welcome To Devbhumi Foundation

We are on mission to formulate policies & plans on environmental protection, energy, nature conservation and the promotion of Sustainable Development.

Sustainability is an important concept that is widely referenced and that has achieved broad support. Sustainability is commonly understood to require the balanced pursuit of three goods:
ecological health, social equity, and economic welfare. It is grounded on the ethical commitment to the well-being not only of contemporary populations but also the well-being and enhanced opportunities of future generations. 

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Recycling is the process of gathering and processing items that would otherwise be discarded as waste and transforming them into new products.

Use renewable energy

Consider using renewable energy to power your home to reduce the amount of carbon emissions you make.

Moving towards organic

Things that are natural or related to nature are referred to as organic. Organic is commonly used to signify "healthy" or "near to nature."

Go paperless

To save paper, select to receive letters through email and only print documents when absolutely essential.

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Water Conservation

Our Work

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“Sustainability is equity over time. As a value, it refers to giving equal weight in your decisions to the future as well as the present. You might think of it as extending the Golden Rule through time, so that you do unto future generations as you would have them do unto you.

Save water

When you don't need running water, turn off the faucet. Be careful what you throw down your sink or toilet.

Help to balance Eco system

You have the ability to have a beneficial impact on the delicate balance of the Earth's ecology, no matter how tiny. To assist prevent over-harvesting of natural resources, recycle. Choose energy-efficient appliances and autos to save energy. When everyone consumes less energy, pollution goes down and less coal is utilised to power the country and the world.

Make the world greener

Green Living measures such as appropriate recycling, purchasing reusable straws, limiting electricity usage, and cleaning with household goods such as vinegar and baking soda rather than chemical-laden products are also vital.

Spread Awareness

Devbhumi believes in spreading the correct information about Sustainability in the simplest way possible so that everyone can practice it.

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Sakshi Verma

Executive Director

Kartik Arora

Programme Manager




What Our People Say​

At Devbhumi, we are constantly working to raise public awareness about sustainability. We believe that if we do not act quickly, natural disasters, rising sea levels, and extreme weather will lead to the collapse of ecosystems.
Sakshi Verma
Executive Director
Environmentalism needs to be incorporated into the educational system at all levels, beginning with elementary school. We should teach our people about environmental responsibility and the consequences of failing to do so.
Kartik Arora
Programme Manager
As we are constantly looking ahead. It is critical to raise public awareness about sustainability so that future generations can live better lives.

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