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About Us

Our Time's challenges are very complex, so we take a Holistic Approach to our thinking and work.

About Us

Welcome To Devbhumi Foundation

We are on mission to formulate policies & plans on environmental protection, energy, nature conservation and the promotion of Sustainable Development.

Sustainability is an important concept that is widely referenced and that has achieved broad support. Sustainability is commonly understood to require the balanced pursuit of three goods:
ecological health, social equity, and economic welfare. It is grounded on the ethical commitment to the well-being not only of contemporary populations but also the well-being and enhanced opportunities of future generations. 

Our Mission & Vision

The Devbhumi Foundation works to ensure that our children and grandchildren inherit a healthy and sustainable planet with just and peaceful societies. To accomplish this, we focus on identifying, developing, highlighting, and disseminating effective, future-just solutions to the current challenges that humanity faces, as well as promoting their global implementation.

How We Work

We identify sustainable and future-just laws and policies around the world in close collaboration with international institutions, experts, and parliamentarian networks. We communicate directly with policymakers, and the outcomes of our work feed into our educational work, assisting decision makers in enacting good policies.